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In 2004, a guy name Jay Abraham became somewhat famous in our industry. Jay is a brilliant marketing guy and he really did educate many school owners.

One of things he’s known quite well for is his “Parthenon Marketing” principle.

The Parthenon thing states that just like several pillars hold up the “Parthenon”, several pillars and marketing strategies/activities must hold up your marketing.

Now, I’d bet if I mentioned the “Parthenon Principle” in a crowded room of even half-way informed school owners who weren’t “wet behind the ears” at the business of Martial Arts, most would be able to claim … “I’ve heard that before.” And that’s all fine and dandy. The question really is: “How’s your Parthenon?” As matter of fact I’d be willing to bet the biggest steak in Texas that a high percentage of the savvy school owners who read my stuff are still missing a few of these things.

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Here’s a Parthenon Party of Martial Arts Marketing … How many of these are holding up your Martial Arts marketing?

Notice how each “Pillar” has several pillars of its own:

Networking: Paid and free groups in your area, such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Special Events: Internal/External, Fun/Informational

Referral Drives: Take a proactive approach in developing a strong student referral program.

Direct Mail: Working the list you’ve built. Farming your area via “cold lists.” Target follow up campaigns.

Internet Marketing: SEO, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Blog, etc.

Social Media: Facebook Biz Page, LinkedIn, Twitter

Mobile Marketing: Mobile Pay Per Click, Text Marketing, Mobile Website, QR Codes & Mobile Landing Pages

Neighborhood Marketing: Working with groups in your area as a guest.

Speaking: Self-Defense programs, Anti-Bully, Self-Improvement, Fitness

And that was just the warm up.

The truth is these don’t have to be that complicated or overwhelming. It’s really just a matter of seeing things clearly and taking action.

I hope you take some action. Start by commenting below and adding to my list, then take the steps to get your marketing going today!

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